June goals

In those heavy days in June… 


Yesss. It’s the last month before the big summer break from college. And it’s jam-packed with obligations and preparations. As I have a few days, or more though weeks, off of work in July too. That’s why I need to get all my stuff (college papers, work projects, and meetings) done until the end of this month. So that I can relax a little over the summer. And can truly take my mind off of work/college/and everything else.  


1: As I already said, I want to get my shit together and prepare for a (rather long) summer break. So I try to stay on top of everything work and college related. Plus, I want to organize and style our living room shelves.

2: Make our home and everyday life more sustainable. Even though we’re already pretty thoughtful when it comes to our everyday needs, there is still space for improvements. As I’m doing my research on sustainable beauty, fashion, and household bits I come to learn that we do not just do good for our environment when we use sustainable products, we also save money in the long run. I’ll share all my insights and favorite products and brands with you soon. As it’s a topic that’s close to my heart. 

3: Continue to stay on top of my reading list. This isn’t really a goal, in some way. As I’m already doing pretty well with it (I already started with my June read), but I want to stay on top of it. With a busy life – a part-time job and full-time college it’s sometimes challenging to find the time for reading books. But as long as I can carry on to read one book per month I’m happy – for now. 

Follow along on my reading journey on Good Reads. That’s where I share all the process I’m making and all the books I’m reading. Also, if you’re on Good Reads, please, PLEASE share your profile below. I love to know what you read and finding new books. 


That’s it for now. Three more goals to work on. I have already planned some more blog posts. But if you like to see anything specific on my blog, make sure to leave a comment/suggestion down below or message me on Instagram or Twitter. Ilka x 


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  1. 3. Juni 2019 / 16:48

    I so hope you’ll be able to finish everything that’s still on your to-do list in order to enjoy a long summer! Can I just say that I’m already pretty excited for your posts about a more sustainable life?? I really want to buy more environmentally friendly products (and as you already said, save some money too!) in the future so that’s incredible! haha

    Good luck for June! xx


    • 4. Juni 2019 / 15:56

      Thank you so much, Malena ♥ Yessss, I’m working towards the long summer break.
      Haha, yea. I ordered a bunch of sustainable products off of Amazon. I’m no trying them. So that I can recommend only the best products and tips I found.

      Hope you settled in nicely, back home.

      Ilka x