July goals

Welcome to the slow month…


With July summer is finally approaching (more or less). The temperatures are rising and I’m off of college until mid- August. Eeekk! I still can’t believe how quick my first year back in college flew by.  Now, that I don’t have any college obligations for around 6 weeks, I plan on taking a slow month. I even managed to get quite a lot of time off of work. So that I can dedicate my time to all the things I love the most:  sunbathing, reading, spending time with J, go on vacation… I’ll try to be as present on the blog as possible. But I bet you have more chances to stay updated when you follow along on Instagram.


So, as this is a rather short post (because it’s gonna be a slow month). Here are the things I have planned for the month of July. 

1: Plan a summer vacation. We already have a few things in mind and planned but I still need to finalize some things and can’t wait to share everything with you soon. 

2: Snap loads of pictures. Now, with some time off and a lot of sunshine (hopefully), I want to improve my photography game. Try new angles, maybe invest in some new gear, and definitely snap lots of memories. 

3: Lastly I want to enjoy as much quality time with my family and friends as possible. My best Friends K  became a mother at the end of last month. And I can’t wait to visit her and hold her son for the first time. Also, loads of family BBQs, pool days and lake strolls. 

That’s it already. I hope you have a lovely, relaxed July yourself. Ilka x