Happy New Year – my 2019 Goals

Happy first day of the new year. I can’t believe that 2018 is already over and that we started a brand new year today.


New Year - 2019 Goals

As you may have noticed, 2018 was a strange year for me. I stopped blogging for some time and went really inactive all over Social Media. After my first real big collaboration at the beginning of the year, I kinda lost my blogging mojo and struggled to get it back. I wasn’t sure in which direction I want to go with my blog and so I concentrated more on my personal life (which was a good choice!). I used to stress so much over posting regularly and relying on numbers and likes – it seriously wasn’t any fun at all at times. But after “disconnecting” from the whole being present online bustle I slowly started falling back in love with platforms such as Instagram. I used it mainly to get inspired and to connect with a few gorgeous ladies, such as Tenneil, Victoria, Faye, Megan and many more. But this year, after cleaning out my feed I want a fresh start! I don’t want to stress over numbers, just use it as a connecting and inspiring platform. I want it to be fun again.


New Year - 2019 Goals


I’m normally not a huge New Years Goalsetter- but for this year I worked out 10 goals I want to achieve over the next 12 month so that I do not fall into back into self-doubt and worrying.

01. I want to make myself aware of having regular and healthy meals. Maybe stop after 4 cups of coffee. And taking my vitamins daily. Because last year, I lived mainly off of coffee and snacks.

02. With a job, attending classes and reading blogs and magazines I often forget to reach for a book. So this year I set myself the goal to read at least one book per month! And I have some great classics on that reading list, which I can’t wait to dive into.

03. I used to write a lot of cards and letters to friends. But sadly that died down over the last few years. So it’s time for a new pen pal and many lovely letters.

04. I want to buy more mindful pieces. May it be cloth, skincare, jewelry or homeware. My money should be invested into bits that are timeless and can stand the test of time.

05. I love self-care. But I want to actively take time out of my days to practice it some more. If you have any suggestions or recommendations that help you to practice self-care, send them my way. xx

06. Haha, that may sound funny. But I used to knit quite a lot and I want to get back into that. So my goal is to knit myself a cozy cardigan, maybe with the knit kit from Lauren Aston.

07. I’m not quite sure what skill that would be. Maybe gardening, maybe a language, or something completely different. We’ll see.

08. That’s a HUGE one for me. But I’m certain that I can tackle this one! So I’ll not end up worrying over little things so much it makes me anxious to even start them. Fewer people pleasing and more being happy in 2019.

09. Another huge one. Because I’m pretty antsy and impatient. I know, that that’s not a good trait, but I’ll work on that.

10. With being engaged now it’s time to plan a wedding. Which is a pretty big deal, as I’m learning already. So many things to decide and consider. Besides the upcoming wedding (eeekk!) we really want to move house, again. As much as I love our current flat, it’s in a shitty area and we’d love to move a little out of the city. Hence a lot of planning, pinnings and searching online is happening.



New Year - 2019 Goals

My favorites of 2018 

By far my favorite thing about 2018 was when my fiancé asked me to marry him. Eeek! I still can’t believe it and I bloody love calling him my fiancé. After nine years of being together, he finally popped THE question on Christmas Eve. So this year it’s time to plan a wedding I guess. Yay!

Some more achievements and happy moments from 2018 were:

– getting back into Uni for social pedagogy

– discovering Monty Don on Netflix

– connecting with so many lovely girls online

– learning a new language

– improving my baking & cooking skills

– making new friends

– traveling to Spain and Croatia in Summer


New Year - 2019 Goals


All the best

So, that’s it. Again, Happy first day of 2019. I hope you achieve all your goals and dreams over the next few months. And that you go on adventures and practice a lot of self-care.

Much love, Ilka xx


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  1. 14. January 2019 / 07:31

    Happy New Year, Ilka! I hope 2019 is off to a wonderful start for you so far! You’ve set yourself some great goals this year and I hope in 12 month’s time, you can say that you’ve achieved them all! Like you, I don’t like to set myself goals that are too huge either – just small ones that I can slowly work towards and that’ll help me be the best version of myself. In the past, I’ve set the bar way too high and didn’t accomplish anything, so now I know my limits and that it’s okay to take baby steps!

    I totally don’t blame you for taking a break from Instagram last year. I’ve felt pretty uninspired by the platform myself and with how fast content moves on there, it’s so overwhelming to attempt to keep up! I really love Stories, but I would like to try and post on my grid a bit more often as I love pretty pictures! I recently did a social media declutter too and it’s amazing how refreshed it can make you feel – it definitely has me feeling a bit more positive towards it. 🙂 I think you’ve got the right mindset when it comes to Instagram; it’s more about connecting with people for me too and I’m so glad we became friends last year. 🙂 I’ve absolutely loved our little chats and I’m sure there’ll be many more!

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