A new appearance

Welcome to the new look of Ilka Elise B 


It feels like forever since I last did (or posted) something on my old little blog. But here we go.  

What changed? Not much but also a whole lot. After last summer I kinda fell into a “blogging hole”. And I just couldn’t find it within me to sit down and type away on my laptop. I felt uninspired and unmotivated. It even got as far as thinking’s about quitting blogging altogether. Around that time I also stopped posting on Instagram and focused only on my job and real life. But I missed the connections and friendships I built online. The lovely girls all over the world with whom I stayed in contact and chatted about almost everything. Let me tell you, blogging friends are the sweetest and most encouraging girls ever. These ladies are also one of the reasons I found my blogging mojo back. So thank you, blogging community. You’re the best! 

Besides my personal relationship to blogging, I also gave my website and Instagram a whole new look. It’s a fresh start. 


What’s coming now? I don’t have a ton of things planned for my blog (or Instagram). But I definitely want to introduce a lot more personal topics and content into the mix. Such as my monthly goals, current favorites and what I’m up to. Because to be honest, these are the kind of posts I love reading the most. 

As far as brand collaborations and partnerships go – I want to keep it simple. I’m a small blogger with a full-time job. And I don’t want it to be my main goal to get something other out of this than lovely relationships, fun, and joy. I’m not saying I’m against working with brands (in fact, I’m currently working on an ambassador-ship with one of my favorite brands) and I’m really flattered and thankful for every opportunity I get. But these cooperations will develop from real connections – meaning I will only work and share brands I’m a 100% certain about and I’ll stick to working with brands I already have a bond with. So relationships before likes. 


I hope you enjoy the new (and more me) Ilka Elise B. I can’t wait to create and share all the bits & bobs you’re going to see on here. Ilka x 


* This post contains gifted products!

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