2018 goals – making IEB a priority

2018 goals IEBWell, hello, 2018.  I’m so excited you’re finally here. Ok, finally maybe a little extreme but I love a fresh new year (especially when it lands on a Monday). So now it’s time to fill my brand new agenda with goals, dreams & deadlines. Over the last couple of days, I thought about what I wanted to share with you for the New Year. As I have big plans for 2018. And I came to the decision, to keep it personal and quite simple.

I want to share those posts throughout 2018, to keep track of my goals and what helped me to achieve them. I love looking back and see what I already achieved and what motivated and inspired me to do so.

What I want to achieve in 2018

I spend the last day of 2017 getting ready for the new year. I tidied my desk, prepared a to-do list for January and did a facial (let’s be honest, what is a better way to start a new year than with a fresh face and desk setting?). And however, you spend your last day of 2017 I hope it was a good one and that you’re now ready for a new chapter.


2018 goals IEB
In 2018 I want to make IEB a priority

I’m now blogging for a little over 1,5 years and it has been an amazing journey so far. I love creating content and connecting with like-minded people.  I already got the chance to work with some amazing brands, such as Les Sublimes, Nunuco Design Company, and Yogi Tea. And I even got invited to my first ever blogger event with Blume2000.de. I must admit 2017 was a great year for IlkaEliseB. That’s why I want to make it more of a priority in my 2018 day-to-day life. Because I know I can achieve even more and do even better. I want to:

  • Take my Instagram serious.
  • Connect with more people who think like I do.
  • Take better photos and improve my editing skills.
  • Get Pinterest to work for me.
  • And I want to work more with brands I admire.


I want to cancel out time on my calendar every single day and dedicate it towards my blog. That probably is something many bloggers plan to do, but I saw an amazing growth on my blog over the last couple of months and I’m curious to see what I can achieve in 2018 (blogging wise).


2018 goals IEB

Other things I want to accomplish

Besides blogging and growing IEB I have some slightly smaller goals for 2018 which all lead towards the main goal – making my blog a priority. Those core goals help me to make 2018 a great and successful year. My core goals are:

– Be more adventurous/travel

– Invest in beautiful things

– Love (myself & others)

–  Spend more time enjoying the small things


It’s all about the daily things you do and how they affect your vibe. I want to enjoy 2018 and make the most out of every day. That’s why I don’t set goals such as buy a fancy handbag, travel to Spain or lose 5 kilos.

And I can’t achieve my main goal, making my blog better, when I don’t focus on the overall picture. When you take a closer look, all my goals go hand in hand.

Take better photos – be adventurous, maybe invest in a new lens. Connect with others – Love, be adventurous, enjoy the little things. And so on.

So for 2018, I wish you and me that we can accomplish everything we visualize and that it’s going to be a fantastic year.  Much love, Ilka x



A special Thank You to my dear blogger friend Victoria from Apartment Number 4. I had today’s post already written but no idea how to call the core goals. Luckily her Goals post for 2018 had the word core goal in it, which described perfectly what I meant. So Thank you V and I hope all you can achieve all your goals and that you have a lovely 2018! xx




  1. 7. January 2018 / 02:08

    Hello my dear Ilka,
    I loved this blog post to bits! As I am new to the blogging community I couldn’t help but relate to the resolution to make my blog the priority. I started essentially to have a gateway from my daily routine, a way to express my view over life. But sometimes it is so difficult sticking with it. I hope I will improve my blogging and my photographing ahaha as well as I hope your 2018 will be fabulous.
    Lots of love,

    • Ilka
      8. January 2018 / 10:03

      Awww, thank you so much, sweet Francesca. <3 You're blog looks lovely!
      It's nice having a little spot on the internet to share your view of life. Can't wait to see what you'll share on it in 2018!
      Much love and all the best for 2018. Ilka x

  2. 4. January 2018 / 09:38

    Happy New Year, Ilka! I hope you’ve had an amazing start to 2018 so far. 🙂 I’m excited for another year in blogging and 2018 will actually be my 7th (WHAT?!) year of blogging, which is absolute madness. I can’t believe I’ve kept up this hobby for so long, but I love it a lot. I’ve thought up some really fun post ideas so far, though I haven’t really set myself any blogging goals; I strive to do better with my blog throughout the year, so it’s something that’s ongoing for me. I think goals like buying designer handbags and travelling are silly too. Anyone could do that if they had the money! I think setting yourself goals should come from within and not reliant on how much money you have.

    • Ilka
      4. January 2018 / 10:17

      Happy new year, Tenneil. 🙂 That is so amazing and you’re doing sooo good. I adore your blog and especially your photography! 7 years, wow. I’m only in year 2 but it’s the best thing ever. Love it so much. And the best thing is, connecting with other bloggers, like you <3
      Totally agree - your goals should come from within, not just buying stuff or losing pounds!! For 2018 I wish you all the best and keep up the amazing work. Much love xxx

  3. 1. January 2018 / 17:09

    Fab post lovely!! It’s been amazing to see your blog grow, and you constantly inspire me with your beautiful images and Instagram feed. I’m excited to see what 2018 my love.

    Vic xxx


    • Ilka
      1. January 2018 / 17:49

      Thank you, Victoria <3 You're such an inspiration to me and really helped me out a few times last year.
      Wishing you all the best for 2018. Love xx

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