The IEB 2018 gift guide

A very merry Christmas season everyone – and welcome back. It’s been a hot minute since I had the time (and energy) to create some fresh content for you guys. But I’m back with my 2018 gift guide / present ideas / my personal wishlist. Ha! Who would have thought that while writing all the papers for my classes and preparing presentations and group works (yea, college is hard work) I would have the spirit to also create a collection of my favorite online finds for you? Me neither. But here it is -the IEB 2018 gift guide.

This year I divided my discoveries into two main categories: Home & Style  

Underneath every image, you will find the links that take you directly to the shop (some are affiliate links, you know the drill).

So let’s get started


The IEB home edit 

All the lovely bits for your living space, home organization or hygge moments. Psst, some are amazing Etsy finds.

IEB gift guide 2018 - home 2019 Agenda, keychain, bobby pin print, HP sprocket, New York print, Slip sleep mask, hello sign, coffee mug, bench, rainbow coasters, tray 


This year’s gift guide features all the products I would be more than happy to receive. Most of them are new online finds from small(ish) shops or artists and some are from big name brands, such as UGG. But all the pieces are thoughtfully collected and I believe you can find something for every gal on your gift list. What are some of your favorite picks you would (or maybe even will) also wish for? Let me know in the comments.



The IEB style edit

A selection of all my latest style finds, plus a few new brands, as well as all-time favorites. 

IEB gift guide 2018 - style


bathrobe, hoop earrings, bits & bobs pouch, Dior balm, Ugg boots, comb, makeup palette, texture spray, lightning pendent, New York phone case, fleece jacket 


I’m really sorry that coming up with and creating this gift guide took me so long, but I hope it still inspired you to find some sweet presents for the people you still need a gift for or it gave you some more ideas on what to add to your very own wishlist. By the way, what are some knickknacks from your wish list this year? I’m so nosy I need to know. Oh, and when you’re already here, make sure you give my Pinterest a good browse. Because even though I neglect my blog (and Instagram) quite a lot *shame on me* I’m always pinning my latest finds in my wishlist. So come on over and have a look around. Wishing you all the best. Ilka x


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