5 more reasons to smile

Hey, it’s Monday – isn’t that a reason to smile? And if not, I collected ten more reasons to smile.

But what is a smile actually? Ok, it’s a non-verbal way of showing amusement or happiness, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed. Apropos teeth. Healthy, shiny teeth are a key for a pretty smile. That’s why a good dental care routine is so important for a lovely smile. So never forget to brush and floss at least two times per day and maybe pass the black tea, coffee, and cigarettes. Oh, and never forget to exfoliate your lips, pamper them with your favorite lip balm and smudge on some lipstick or stain.

10 reasons to smile
  1. the anticipation of a vacation
  2. finding the person you’re looking for in a crowd
  3. weekends off
  4.  writing on the first page of a notebook
  5. finding money you didn’t know you had
  6. freshly fallen snow
  7. feeling the warmth of the sun ion your skin
  8. a perfectly wrapped present
  9. putting on PJ’s as soon as you come home
  10. freshly brushed teeth

If you need some more reasons to smile or small things to appreciate, I got you covered with 15 small things to make you beam  

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