10 great ways to start your day (morning routine)

10 great ways to start your day

Good morning, and happy Monday (or whatever day it is you read this post). I understand that not everybody is a morning person, who jumps out of bed and bursts of excitement for the day. Totally get it. But there are some things you can do, to make your mornings greater. Because a good morning leads to a good day.


Have a plan for the day10 great ways to start your day

Set out cloth the night before. Write a to-do list and prepare your kitchen for your morning coffee, tea, and breakfast. It’s really simple things but they make your morning a whole lot easier. So that you have time for other things (such as a nice long shower, reading a few pages of your favorite book or cuddling your pet).

Get an early start

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier as you’re used to. And use the time to make sure you get everything done you planned on doing in the morning. I, for example, hate leaving the house when the dishes aren’t done or when I need to laundry still hangs on the laundry rack. Getting these thing done also makes the afternoon/evening so much nicer when you come home and don’t have to do those tasks.

Don’t hit snooze

Just don’t. Set your alarm and get up as soon as it rings!

Get fresh air

Sunlight is the best motivator to wake up. But it’s not always sunny (at least not where I live) So I make sure I get fresh air in the morning to kickstart my day. SO what you can do: Open the window, drink your coffee on the balcony or go for a walk.  If you have the time (and energy) go for a quick run after you got up or ride the bike to work. The fresh air will help you wake up and energize you!

Make your bed

Nothing says more ‘I have my shit together’ as when you make your bed in the morning. Also, tidy up your clothes and stuff that’s laying around in your bedroom. Trust me, you’ll feel way more ready and motivated. (Oh, and don’t forget to ventilate your room before you make the bed!)


A quick 10-minute cardio probably is the best way to start your morning with, but when you’re in a rush (or just don’t like to be that active in the morning) try to do some easy yoga poses or stretch. Stretching improves circulation and increases the energy level and can be done in under 5 minutes.

Have a filling breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m no doctor or nutritionist but I believe it’s important to have a healthy breakfast. I don’t have to be much and not the first thing you do in the morning. But at some point within the first 2 hours of being awake, I have at least a smoothie and some hot lemon water.

Prioritize self-care

It may be reading the newspaper or a view pages of your favorite book. Maybe it’s dry brushing before your shower or a face mask. Take some time in the morning to do things for yourself. That is probably the number one thing I would suggest you adopt in your morning routine in order to have a great start in the day.

Have a morning skincare routine

Last but not least. Your morning skincare routine. Finding a routine that works beneficially for your needs is key. I’m not an expert (just a skincare lover) but I like my morning skincare routine to be quiet simple. Face wash, toner, eye cream, moisturizer, and SPF. Voila! You can find some adjustments I make for the colder here


Mantras to start your day with
  • Every morning I start my day anew.
  • I love myself. I love my life and life loves me.
  • It’s ok to not have it figured out yet.
  • Every day I’m moving closer to my dreams.
  • I’m worth having fun today.



  1. 21. January 2018 / 05:23

    I’m definitely one to get everything ready the night before for my morning. Soooo helpful! I am lacking on making my bed every morning though. Something I definitely need to work on. Thanks for the tips!

    • Ilka
      22. January 2018 / 09:02

      I’m glad you like them, Jay. I always get my stuff ready at night, so that I don’t panic or stress in the morning. xx

  2. 20. January 2018 / 15:48

    It’s so hard to keep a morning routine sometimes but these tips are great!

    • Ilka
      22. January 2018 / 09:01

      Agree. I find it extra hard in winter. When it’s all dark and cold. xx

  3. Lambam
    19. January 2018 / 06:37

    This is a well complied list and the fact there is meditation makes the post so nice . Thank you for this tips. ❤️

    • Ilka
      19. January 2018 / 08:49

      Thank you, sweetie. I’m glad you like it xx

  4. 17. January 2018 / 09:27

    Love these ideas to start the week off right! I totally agree that a good and filling breakfast is a must every morning!

    • Ilka
      17. January 2018 / 16:29

      It’s so important, isn’t it?! Love breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day <3
      Much love xxx

  5. 17. January 2018 / 03:15

    I love meditating in the morning. It was a great way to prepare yourself for the day.

    • Ilka
      17. January 2018 / 16:29

      That’s true. I do meditation in the evening, as it really relaxes me. But I guess you can also do it in the morning, for great preparation. for the day.
      Much love xxx

  6. 16. January 2018 / 16:02

    I love this! I’m trying to work on being better in the mornings so this is perfect for me! I’m so glad I found your page and I look forward to more!
    -Kaitlyn (Boss Girl Beauty Bloggers)

    • Ilka
      17. January 2018 / 16:27

      Aw, thank you so much, Kaitlyn.
      I’m glad you like the post (I have a view similar ones.. just have a look around) xxxx

  7. 16. January 2018 / 12:31

    Getting an early start is the hardest for me, but I’ve been trying it lately and it really does help kickstart the day!

    Ashley | hiyaitsashley.com

    • Ilka
      17. January 2018 / 16:25

      It really helps. But especially in winter, I find it hard to get up early.
      Much love, Ilka xx

  8. 16. January 2018 / 12:23

    You make some great points. Looked for a share button but could not find one.

    • Ilka
      17. January 2018 / 16:24

      Oh no, what a shame. But thank you, Christel. xxx

  9. Christie
    16. January 2018 / 11:44

    Love this! I am working on my blog about morning routine as I have found some things that I have adopted changed my procrastinating and terrible habits !

    Thanks for sharing lovely X


    • Ilka
      17. January 2018 / 16:22

      Thank you, Christie. I’m glad you like it. Can’t wait to read your post xx

  10. 15. January 2018 / 19:19

    Honestly, Morning Routines are so important! I always look forward to mine when I wakeup lol.

    Thanks for sharing some great ideas! <3

    • Ilka
      15. January 2018 / 20:43

      Thank you, Rachel. And I absolutely agree, love my morning routine. Makes my day so much better.
      Much love

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