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IEB design | Welcome to Quick Reads Hello friends and welcome to Quick Reads

A brand new category on IEB.

On Quick Reads, I’ll share little posts wich need no longer than 1-3 minutes to read and contain everything from quick recipes / DIY’s, daily content as well as tips & tricks.
Lately, I feel like I don’t publish enough on IEB so this category will give me the chance to create little content to freshen up IEB almost daily.  So let’s begin.

This past week was really hectic. The weather got really cold and missable again and I feel like summer still is months away. But on my way home from work I found this beautiful ranunculus and had to take them home for a little photo session. And they immediately lifted my mood. I’m obsessed with flowers and always must have some at home (literally always!) These are my two favorite shots. I really like the blurred look of the first one, for me, it makes the image extra special.

I hope you have a lovely spring weekend and that you can enjoy some pretty blooms yourself.

Much love, Ilka x

IEB | Welcome to Quick Reads






  1. 25. April 2017 / 01:00

    What a good idea! I might implement a similar idea on my blog as well! Thank you!

    • 25. April 2017 / 05:25

      Thank you, Ashley. I’m so happy you like the idea and that you feel inspired. 🙂 xxxx

    • 22. April 2017 / 10:02

      I’m glad you like the idea. Thank’s for stopping by <3
      Yes, aren't they pretty xx

  2. Andrea
    21. April 2017 / 22:09

    What a great idea to have quick reads! And the ranunculus flowers(which happens to be one of my favorite flowers) are just gorgeous! Can´t wait what else you will share on this new section of quick reads!

    • 22. April 2017 / 07:18

      I love Ranunculus flowers too (but always forget about them). I’m so happy you enjoy the new QUICK READ category and can’t wait to share more over here
      Much love xxx

  3. 21. April 2017 / 21:16

    I really like this content idea. It’s appealing as a reader.

    • 22. April 2017 / 07:16

      Thank you, Chelsea. I’m glad you like the idea and enjoyed the first post of the category <3

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