Some small things to appreciate – and why that’s important

small things to appreciate Today’s post is a little different to my normal content- small things to appreciate. I wanted to take the chance to remind you of all the small things that bring joy into our everyday life. x

Especially when life gets busy or your summer high slowly fades it’s important to appreciate the little things in life. These are the things we sometimes take for granted and forget about. So be thankful for the little things, because they make life valuable.

15 small things
  • puppies
  • becoming post, that isn’t a bill
  • waking up 10 minutes before your alarm
  • sunshine, especially when you live, like me, in a country where it’s cloudy most days
  • waking up to a text message from a friend
  • fresh & ironed bedding
  • finishing work before deadlines
  • good hair days
  • a fresh manicure
  • your loved ones
  • all kinds of baked goods
  • your favorite song
  • when a stranger smiles at you
  • snuggling in a blanket
  • laughing until your belly hurts



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