My one little word for 2017 - positivity At the beginning of every new year, I choose one little word to guide me through the year. Sometimes it is one I want to focus on more, one I want to introduce into my daily life or one that inspires and motivates me. Choosing one word is different to new year resolutions. It’s more like an overall theme for the year. And for 2017 I choose positivity

noun [ U ] /ˌpɒz.əˈtɪv.ə.ti/ /ˌpɑː.zəˈtɪv.ə.t̬i/

  • The quality of having a positive attitude:
    I’m a great believer in positivity.
  • Positivity is staying positive even when you find a really good reason to be negative.


My one little word for 2017 - positivity



What my one little word means to me

Be as you wish to see! That’s one of my favorite quotes of all time.

I’m a happy kid. (Not when I’m hungry, or tired, or cold! Then I’m a real grump.) But I love to smile, connect and make things happen.  And if you’re kind and good to people they’ll be kind and good and wonderful to you.
So, that’s why for 2017 I seek to be a nicer, more positive person.

Am I a homebody who doesn’t like crowded places? YES!   (By crowded I mean more than 6 people. Haha).   But I still can improve my outlook.  I want to positive influence my little tribe and people around me. And be a more chilled, happier being for myself.

  • Smile more
  • find inner peace
  • see the good in EVERYTHING (at least try to)


Life can be tricky sometimes. Relationships, work, money, dreams… but I’m keeping positivity in the forefront of my mind. To remind me that everything will be ok.
I don’t need to grump or worry so much. Because stuff will work out when you hustle and believe in yourself.


My one little word for 2017 - positivity

My one little word for 2017 - positivity

My one little word for 2017 - positivity

My one little word for 2017 - positivity


What is your mantra for the year 2017?

One little word is actually a real thing on the internet. It was created 2006 by Ali Edwards. Read more about it here

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