Things that distract you from being productive Let’s talk about how to provide being productive.  It’s a thing I know all too well, being distracted while you need or want to get stuff done. Here are a few things that easily disturb most people and how to stop yourself from being distracted.

Social Media / Online

I guess, for most people me included, Social Media is the biggest disturbance. We constantly check Instagram, answer a friend on Snapchat, browse on Pinterest ‚to get inspired‘ or feel the urge to tweet that we can’t concentrate *guilty in all points*.
And if it’s not Social Media, I can’t cut myself loose from watching Netflix non-stop (like literally NON-STOP. One episode after another). Netflix is so addicting and the death for productivity. Because let’s be real, who just watch’s only one episode? Nobody!

Besides Social Media and Netflix, online shopping is the biggest thing online that stops me from being productive. Followed by checking flights to cool places I can’t go right now (‚cause I have stuff to do).

No planningThings that distract you from being productive

I find it really hard to get stuff done when I don’t really plan and prepare for it.
Without a list, I’m totally lost and can’t concentrate because I always try to not forget something.
My silly brain can’t handle all my stuff. Haha.
I wrote a post about lists and how I plan and stay organized. I suggest you to check it out.


No timelines

This point goes hand in hand with the last one. I always set myself timelines for things I need to do
(most times the deadline is one to two days before the actual day a project need’s to be finished.
So I always have a little extra time if something unexpected happens. Without a timeline,
I just do the stuff at the last possible moment and just laze around till then or even miss it.


Read my blog post about lists and how I stay organized here



A cluttered workspace

I hate to sit and work on a messy desk! I don’t have enough space and most of the stuff flying around on my desk really distracts me.
Some people many swear by a messy desk and say it sparks creativity. Point to Einstein. But for me, there is no way I can focus when day job papers, bills, tax forms and a collection of household articles is piling up on my desk.

I currently have a quiet narrow desk so I keep it as clutter free as possible. For that, I have a tray on top,  to store little bits and bobs, love notes and pretty things such a perfume, flowers and my pens. Besides that, I only have my laptop, a drink, my diary and notepad on my desk.


  How to stimulate productivity
  • Switch off your Phone (mine is silent when I need to get stuff done. Plus, it isn’t connected to my Laptop)
  • Get stuff done before you start (check all your social media, do emails, make the dishes or whatever needs to be done and will probably distract you)
  • Tidy up your workspace, create a surrounding you enjoy working in and which sets the mood to create
  • Have a drink with you (I always have a large glass of lemon water or tea at my desk, so my brain is hydrated all the time)
  • Listen to something that relaxes or motivates you (If you want to know more about my work playlist or what I listen to while ‚workin‘ let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to share it with you in a blog post)
  • Write down all your thoughts and things you also need to do, so your brain can concentrate better


Focus on what you want to achieve

The thing that helps me most to be productive is focusing. And even when I’m not able to fixate on my work while I’m sitting at my desk or work space I take a step back and focus on the overall project. Sometimes there are other parts that need to be done for your project such as taking pictures, interact with people…

And when you really can’t accumulate, take a walk outside, call a friend or prepare something nice to eat. And come back a few hours later with fresh thoughts and energy.


What is your biggest distraction and how do you manage to be productive?



Make sure you read my guide to lists blog post if you haven’t already.  It provides some great tips on how to plan and stay on top of everything.  Read it here


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Images for today’s post are taken by my dear friend Diana.
Dianas has a blog Moon Hippie


Much love, Ilka x