winter skin care routine feat. SANTE
winter skin care routine feat. SANTE

My winter skin care post was kindly supported by SANTE skin care. All opinions are 100% my own!

7 steps for soft and glowy winter skin
  • Wash your face twice a day (in the morning and evening) with a gentle face wash or peeling
  • Prep your skin for the next steps by using a toner or face serum
  • Moisturize!
  • Always use eye cream
  • Use an SPF in the morning / rich skin oil in the night
  • Make sure you take care of your lips.
  • Pamper your skin once or twice a week with a face mask


Lifestyle tips for great skin:

  • Drink enough water (If you don’t like the taste of water infuse it with fruits)
  • Change your bed sheets at least every two weeks!
  •  Eat enough fresh fruits and veggies (and maybe cut down on dairy products)
  • Exfoliate regularly


My skin type

First I want to tell you a little bit about my skin type. I tend to dry skin. Especially in winter or when I’m in the sun a lot my skin can get really moistureless and tense. My skin also is really sensitive. That’s why I mostly use products with natural ingredients (free from silicones, parabens,  synthetic colour and fragrance etc.)


In the morning

Like most people, I start my day in the bathroom and wash my face (always use lukewarm water! Too hot or cold water it’s not good for the skin). After I dampened my face I use a tiny bit of the NONIQUE Energie Micro Peeling and carefully massage it into the skin. It’s super gentle and awakening. Afterwards, I wash it off with a damp towel and fresh water.
My second step is the Diaderma Carrot Oil . I don’t really like the smell of it (it reminds me of old people. Haha) but it gives a really nice tint and makes my skin so soft.
The next two steps are moisturiser and eye cream. I currently use my new favourites by SANTE. They have a really nice scent and protect my skin against the cold and dry air.
Followed by CC Cream from THE BODY SHOP. This cream contains SPF and gives a slight glow. Perfect for no makeup and winter days.
My final step in the morning is lip cream. I’m not particularly picky when it comes to lip balm. As long as my lips are moisturised I’m fine.

winter skin care routine feat. SANTE
In the evening

My night time skin care routine deviates just slightly from my routine in the morning.
I like to wash my face/makeup off by using coconut oil as a makeup remover and then lukewarm water and a gentle face wash. Normally one wash with the face gel is enough but when I was out in the city or had a full face of makeup, I like to go in for a 2 round with my face brush.  I currently use a manual brush but want to change to an automatical (like the Clarisonic or Philips) do you recommend one?
After washing the day away I like to use a toner. Mine is by ALVERDE and for acne porn skin (as my skin tends to get pimples easily in winter and this toner keeps it nice and clear). I just spritz a few drops on a cotton pad and sweep over my face.
After that, I again use my moisturiser (night cream) and eye cream by SANTE . Their 12-hour hydro depot keeps my skin smooth and improves elasticity.
I also give my lips a little scrub/peeling and coat them in lip butter.
The final step for my everyday night time routine is face oil. I love to use rose face oil by alverde which I massage into my skin (face, neck and decollete). So I wake up the next morning with baby soft skin.

Twice a week I also use a mask at night. I often switch my mask so my skin doesn’t get too used to the masks. Lately, I really love the moisturising mask by SANTE.  It provides moisture and makes the skin noticeably smoother (which is perfect for the cold winter time).

winter skin care routine feat. SANTE

The Giveaway (CLOSED!)

Now to the fun part. You can win some of my favourite skin care products by SANTE.

What can you win:

  1. You can win a lovely day cream for sensitive skin. It’s unscented and lowers skin irritation and the feeling of tension. Perfect for everyday use, even if you don’t have extra sensitive skin.
  2. My favourite night cream. It gives intense moisture and regenerated with shea butter. The special 12-hour hydro depot improves the skin elasticity and keeps your skin smooth.
  3. An eye cream with glow effect. (I really love this one!!) The cream softens puffiness and makes you look awake and glowy.
  4. My current favourite face mask. The moisturising mask with 12-hour hydro depot (same range as the night cream). For intensive moisture and noticeable smoother skin.

Who can win and how:

Everybody can win, as long as you’re a subscriber to the IEB newsletter. To participate you simply have to subscribe. Klick the link here or fill out the subscription form down below. The winner will be announced in the March newsletter!  For more information read the info box as well.

About Sante

Winter skin care | Sante

Sante is genuine nature cosmetic without compromise with lots of drive, love and almost 40 years of experience. We meet the highest standards to a young and simple natural cosmetics and stand for sustainable quality products with natural ingredients derived from organic farming. 

Learn more about Sante and their Philosophy here


winter skin care routine feat. SANTE

That’s what you can win!

I especially love Sante skin care products because they feel really luxurious without costing a fortune. Their natural and environmental-friendly products not just make my skin feel great but also my heart (my sound cheeky, but isn’t it great when you know that the product you use doesn’t cost any harm to the planet or other creatures).



This post and giveaway are sponsored by Sante Naturkosmetik. All opinions are 100% my own and I wouldn’t recommend or give away the products if I’m not absolutely positive about them! The giveaway is open internationally and will be closed at the 28. of February. The winner will be picked by luck!

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Good luck!

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How is your winter skin care routine? And what are a view of your favourite products?

Much love, Ilka x