How to create the perfect wardrobe

Let’s be honest, a perfect wardrobe that’s what we all dream about. Am I right? But what is THE perfect wardrobe? As we all observe perfection differently and have a different taste. There is no the perfect wardrobe in general. But with a few tips and tricks, you can easily identify your style and create an attire that fits you, your lifestyle and resembles the way you want to be seen and feel. In short, your perfect garderobe.

Personal style changes, however, most people figure out what suits them and their life’s best while their twenties. What I totally accord with! In my teen years, I always used to dress however I just felt like, I changed directions a million times. But the older I get I found out what suits me, which colors and cuts work for my body type and complexion and in which kind of outfits I feel the best.



1. The Clearout

This probably is the easiest part. And as you would guess, you take
everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) out of your closet! Don’t forget about all your cloth that are in seasonal storage and your shoe closet. After you cleared everything out give it a nice wipe, so it’s fresh when you load it up again. For the actual clear out part, I created a little cheat sheet for you. Ask yourself the following questions and decide if this cloth piece fits into your perfect wardrobe.

Some other questions you may ask yourself could be:
– Does it bring me joy? (Marie Kondo)
– Will I actually wear it again?
– Is it worth keeping? (For example, does the resale value rises?)

Instead of donating my preloved bits to charity shops, I give them to my two younger sisters and let them decide what they want to keep and what should go to charity (or even their friends). I believe the life of cloth is a circle of finding, loving and giving away/sharing the pieces we wear.


2. Inspiration

We all get inspired by different by different things. Finding out what inspires you, in terms of style is your second step to your perfect wardrobe. You can choose between different eras, persons, countries, music… whatever inspires you.
For example, I really like the style of french girls. They cherish the classics but always look a little undone and effortless. Plus natural beauty is something that is really down my alley. Beside the facile mode of the french female, I adore the tasteful style of Angelina Jolie, Olivia Palermo or Grace Kelly.
As you can see, I have kind if a pattern. I suggest you, to create a mood board, this way you can really see what you like.


3. Find your style How to create the perfect wardrobe

After you created your mood board you maybe can already see the direction this is going. At the bottom of the post, you can find a free printable worksheet for creating your dream closet. Keep reading and work out at the end. 😉

So far you made yourself an overview what you have, found out what inspires you and created a mood board. Now it’s time to create a clear vision.

a) Cut

We all have different proportions and body shapes (and that is great!) but it means, not every style suits everybody. So we need to find out what fit’s us best and highlights our amenity’s. An important part here is body type (petite, tall, slender, sporty, curvy…)
I prefer everything high wasted, as it compliments my figure the best way possible.

b) Colour

Beside the established colors Black, White, Grey, and Beige, you might include some colors that suit your personality or skin tone and eye/hair color.
For me, with a pale complexion, blue eyes and washed out/ash blond hair, not all colors work well. I really like to wear blue shades, as they compliment my eye color.


4. Quality

While creating your perfect wardrobe you must especially factor quality. You maybe don’t want to shop all your pieces at forever21 or H&M (don’t get me wrong, I still shop at H&M and won’t change that! Especially for seasonal trends.) But I also buy more and more pieces from higher quality shops and shops not everybody buys from. Beside from shops, I nowadays buy cloth only when made of certain fabrics. My favorite materials are wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, linen, denim, leather & high-quality leatherette. I stay away from most synthetic cloth, as I find they look cheap and make me sweaty easily.

Some of my favorite shops to buy from: Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, Esprit, Brandy Melville, Birkenstock, Mango, Scotch and Soda, Marco Polo, Asos
I also highly suggest you, to check out: Les Sublimes, Ted Baker, Acne Studios, Just Female, And other stories 


5. Staples

Every perfect wardrobe needs some staples! Fact! And you can find a ton of closet staple list online. I myself created a whole list of all the things that need to be in a perfect armoire. If you want to see the whole list, make sure you subscribe at the bottom. This way you’ll get the whole list as well as the worksheet to create your own perfect closet.
My top 5 essentials are:

  1. A little black dress
  2. Chic flats
  3. The perfect pair of blue jeans
  4. A white T-shirt
  5. High-quality crossbody bag

You absolutely don’t need all of the essentials that are listed on the main list. Just sort out the ones that fit your taste and style the best.



Your perfect wardrobe

Now it’s your turn! Download the free worksheet and create your dream attire that fits your personal style and life!

Much love, Ilka x

*This post contains affiliate links!

*All images in the post are taken by my dear friend Karina. If you’re in the Hamburg area in Germany I highly suggest her 😉 See her Pinterest here

*Please also note, I by no means that that the perfect wardrobe has to include certain things I mention or that I have a „perfect“ wardrobe (because I have not!) I’m currently building my dream closet and love to keep you updated on that. x