Hair Care Tips + LOGONA lava earth (image by Parts of the sun)
Nowadays, hair care is such a big topic. Everybody, or at least every girl, wants pretty, healthy locks. So we’re always on the hunt for the perfect hair care routine and the best products. For today’s post, I teamed up with Logona and talk a little about their lava earth as a hair cleanser, as well as my favourite tips for happy healthy hair.


Top hair care tips

Don’t wash your hair too often!
I used to wash my hair at least every other day. Luckily in my early twenties, I realised I don’t have to and now I wash it only 2-3 times per week. In between washes, dry shampoo is my best friends (no lie, I love dry shampoo). Washing your hair too often will take off its natural oils, the outcome to that is, your scalp produces more oil and you have to wash your hair more often.

Use products without nasty chemicals
I don’t say you should only use all vegan and natural products because that’s not what I do. But I always read labels! Try to stay aways from hair care products which contain sulphates, parabens or silicone. They aren’t all super bad but often dry out your scalp and provoke allergies or itchiness.

Do not touch your hair so much
This is so hard for me. Because I really love to touch my hair (is that weird?). Fluffing up my roots or combing with my fingers through my locks is AMAZING. Haha. But it’s not good. Especially touching your roots isn’t. It’s the same with your face, don’t touch it all the time particularly when you’re out and about. Why? Because you touch everything with your hands: you open doors, grab groceries, hold money etc. and when you touch your hair or face all the gunk get’s in contact with your skin and hair/scalp. So your hair get’s dirty quicker and you have to wash it more often.

Sleep with your hair in a loose braid
I hate sleeping with my hair open, at least when it’s long. It’s super frizzy and tangled in the morning. So I braid it super loose and secure it with a scrunchy.
This way it’s not tangled in the morning and I also don’t need to curl it. *win win*



Logona lava earth

Lava earth is a surfactant-free cleanser which is used for hundreds of years in North Africa. It is a popular replacement for soap and cleans and nourishes fine hair and dry/sensible skin.

Hair Care Tips + LOGONA lava earth

How it works

By contact with water, lava earth soaks/swells and develops a jelly consistency. It has a high exchange capacity. What means it has the ability to soak up dirt and excess grease without being harsh on the scalp or hair.

Simply mix up some water and lava earth powder and let it swell for a few minutes.
(If you don’t want the mess, you can also simply buy it as a wash cream )
Apply to wet skin or hair and wash as normal.



I really enjoy using the Logona lava earth. It leaves my skin super soft and makes my hair nice and clean. Sort, it does everything the packaging say’s it does. But for me, showering in the gym most day’s of the week it’s a little tricky with the powder. So I mostly use it on a Sunday night, when I’m at home pampering. But I’ll definitely try out the wash cream version!


This post was kindly sponsored by Logona. All thoughts are a 100% my own and I wouldn’t recommend you the product if I didn’t like it! Also, this post contains affiliate links.

The first image of me is by my dear friend Stella. See more images here

Much love, Ilka x