Finding the purpose of your being is something we all seek. The longest time of my life I wasn’t sure what I want to and I which direction I want to go. Making a commitment was scary because I never knew if that’s what I want to do. And it took me over a decade to figure out what I’m meant to do. And I guess I’m not the only one. Am I right?

So I created a worksheet which I used to figure out what is important to me, what I love to do and what I’m actually good at. So that I can interpret it as my purpose.
And you can too, by downloading the free worksheet here

Finding your purpose | worksheet


The basics of figuring out your purpose

  • Finding out what your life meaning is can be overwhelming, but I did not have to! Give yourself some time (don’t think this is done in 5 minutes. Therefore it’s way too important).
  • Next, you want to ask yourself some questions. I prepared a few (what I found out were the most important ones for me), in my free worksheet. But you can also write your own one:
Questions can be (for example):Finding your purpose | worksheet
  1. What brings me joy?
  2. How would I like to feel every day?
  3. What do I really want in life?
  4. What is important to me?
  5. Who do I look up to
  • Create a Mindmap for your answers and ideas. Maybe use different colors, pencils or even pictures. Whatever helps you to put your thoughts onto the paper.

It took me a few days to answer my questions because I had a lot of afterthoughts. What is totally normal. Don’t stress out. As I said in the beginning, take your time!
But this strategy really helped me to look inside myself. Answering the questions and reflecting on myself made me realize and what is really important to me and what I’m really good at (thing’s I haven’t thought about much).


My free worksheet

The worksheet is subdivided into three parts:

  1. Most important questions
  2. Sheet for your answers
  3. Your personal mind map

It’s really easy to use and self-explaining. And you can use it for whatever field you seeking to find your aim in.
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