What I learnt my first year blogging | IEB is 1Exactly twelve months ago, I started blogging. Today I wanna share with you what I learned so far and my favorite accomplishments I made with IEB.

What I learned:
  • Always be yourself! Not everybody likes you and agrees with what you say and that is fine. Do things your way and don’t compare yourself to others. I already wrote a post about comparison, read it here
  • Keep hustling. It’n not always easy (and can get a little depressing, when you focus to much on the numbers) but keep going. It needs time to reach your goals. And I promise you, it’s worth it!
  • Be consistent. It’s best to set yourself a blogging schedule and stick to it! I know it can be hard, especially when you have to work crazy hours at yur day job, but do your best to stay on track.
    Be prepared. I used to prepare some content in advance. This way it’s easy to stick to my blogging schedule. I also like to work out the topics I’ll cover each month (so no long thinking right before I need to write the post). I’m a huge lover of planning, so this one is the point I brought to perfection. Ha.
  • Have fun. Don’t take everything too serious. Blogging is fun and doesn’t should be a stressful obligation.


My favorite achievements:
  • I meet so many lovely people I worked with and actually became friends. Connecting with all the amazing, creative and sweet peeps truly is the best thing about being a blogger. Especially collaburating with some fantastic brands I feel inspired and passionated about is such a gift to me. I can’t mention enough.
  • I created a place I can share myself and my thought with others (and people actually read it.) Never have I ever thought that so many of you would enjoy what I write. Thank you all so much.


A special thank you goes to my dear friend, favorite photographer and blogging bestie Stella. She encouraged me to start the whole blogging thing and I couldn’t be more thankful. So, thank you Stella I’m forever happy we met and became such good friends. I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you again soon so we can create and have fun together. Much love my sweet sea-kitty xx