As you may have noticed there are a few new additions here on IEB. It was time for some updates.
So let me short explain what it’s all about.

When I started my blog in May 2016 I had a vision for it, but no idea how I could put my dreams into action. After now around five months I can finally welcome you to the freshly renovated IEB page. Tada!


IEB Logo
What is it all about?

When I first came up with IEB I had no proper direction, in terms of content. I’m not a fashionista or beauty guru. Either a world traveler or overly great cook. I’m just a normal, everyday girl. I found my guts in writing about what inspires and interests me. And that’s all things related homely, style and self-love.

So IEB is a journal for every usual girl, which is more curious about staying home and watching The Office and loves to spoil itself on occasions rather than running wild all the time.

I plan on focusing on the things I feel drawn by.


New times?

There will be no longer two posts per week go live on IEB (for now!).
My plan is to do one well-done post per week and focus more on writing and on publishing elsewhere. Dispense on how busy I am with work and how my schedule will allow it.


Email list? The IEB news club

Also new is my Email list. Which will help you to keep track over the articles / posts I publish.
Every Sunday you will receive an email with links to my recent publications, things that inspired me the last seven days, announcements for the upcoming week and special goodies and secret affairs who doesn’t make it on the blog.

so make sure you’re on that list!  here  or down below.


Design updates?

Yes, you have seen right. I have not just added a few new additions to the blog I also (finally) have a more appealing page design. YAY. I like it’s sleek and easy on the eye magazine outlook.
The theme is by and you can find it here



I also, finally, attempted Bloglovin. Whoop whoop.
Go and follow me over there, if you like to.

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I love to get in contact with you more often and get to know you a little better. So please be so kind and leave me all your tips, article requires and ideas as a comment down below. Or write me a quick email:  

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Pictures & editing are by my dear friend Stella. See her blog and more images  here

Much love,  Ilka x