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Meet IlkaHello and welcome to the IEB lifestyle blog. My name is Ilka -as you may already have guessed.  I’m a 25-year-old girl, currently based in Hamburg, Germany and the head behind IEB.

As a kid or even teenager, I never was able to answer that one ever-present question, „What do you want to be when you grow up?“ I never saw myself 9-5 stuck behind a desk. But I had a passion, writing! (Funny side note, I never enjoyed reading that much). In school, while my senior classes I worked two years for a local print magazine and absolutely loved it. I had the chance to create and write articles, conduct interviews and attend meetings. It was an amazing time!

2016 my dear friend Stella encouraged me to start a blog to follow my passion for researching, content creating and writing articles. And so IEB was born. Today you can find articles (as well as guest posts) related to style, self-care as well as skincare, beauty, and interior on IEB.

Besides IEB, I’m obsessed with: my cat Ivy, she’s such a little darling. Striped tops. Planning and list making. Visual styling. Social media (especially Pinterest). Fresh flowers, my favorites are Peonies. Warmth. Interior design. Puppies. And my beloved boyf. ♥





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There are some questions I get asked quite frequently or topics which pose a question. So I decided to answer them here.



Yes. I currently follow a mostly vegan/plant based diet. But I wouldn’t describe myself as a VEGAN.
Vegan noun. a person who does not eat or use any animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, or leather -Cambridge Dictionary“
But I certainly use animal products, such as leather. And even though my diet currently is 99% animal product free, I can’t say if that won’t change anytime. For me, it’s all about being healthy and feeling good in my body. For that reason, I also use mostly natural/clean skin-care products. So, if you see non-vegan products on IEB or if my diet changes don’t be shocked. Haha. If you want to learn more about my „vegan“ story read my articles on Les Sublimes. Episode 1 here


I speak German, Englisch and (the worst ever) French. I’m born, raised and currently living in the north of Germany. 2010-2011 I lived abroad in the UK and worked as an Au Pair and attend college for a few English courses. While my time in Nottingham, UK I became obsessed with the English language (I like it even better than German). That’s why I write and publish on IEB and most of my other writing gigs in English.


Most of the images you find on IEB are shot by myself or my lovely boyf. with my trusty Olympus PEN E-PL7. If you want to learn more about how I style, shot and edit my pictures read this post.  Whenever I use images that are not by myself, I mark them and link back to the owner of the picture. If you like to use my images, make sure you email me and we can agree terms. Read more here.