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Let’s talk Instagram.

I’m not that good with Instagram. I find it hard to stick to a theme. But lately, I’m really happy with how my feed looks. And I blame it on three major things.


  1. It’s finally summer! Which means it’s light and bright. We all know, that good lighting is the key to good photography. But when living in the north, a naturally well-light space is rare (besides in summer time) so I’m super happy for all the sunshine and hope summer sticks around for as long as possible.Lately on my Instagram (ilkaeliseb)
  2. Peony season. As for probably most people, Peonies are my all time favorite flowers. They are so delicate and look good even when squeezed together in the flower shop. It’s easy to take a perfectly looking image when the object is that stunning. Don’t you agree?Lately on my Instagram (ilkaeliseb)
  3. My new phone. Ok, that’s for sure the thing which made me fall in love with Instagram all over again. I upgraded my phone from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 7+ and let me tell you  OH, MY GOD!  First, the huge display makes scrolling through Social Media so much more fun and secondly the camera. The camera is amazing (I wasn’t able to take decent pictures with my old phone, but now… wow!) and it’s pink so I’m happy as a puppy and ready to boost my Insta game. Follow along -> IlkaEliseB x



  1. 6. June 2017 / 00:18

    I love my big Iphone. I couldnt imagine a smaller phone ever again.

    • 6. June 2017 / 17:23

      Me neither!! The big screen is just too good xx

  2. Cayla Daniels
    5. June 2017 / 22:21

    Love your feed!!

    • 6. June 2017 / 17:22

      Thank you, Cayla xx

  3. 5. June 2017 / 13:56

    Such a gorgeous feed! Summer is almost down for me which is sad but at least it is coming up for you to enjoy. Yay for the new phone. I’m planning on getting a new one as well and can’t wait. Hope you enjoy it.

    • 5. June 2017 / 15:13

      Thank you, Jackie. Oh I love summer, I just wish it would last longer 🙂
      Do you know jet which phone you want to buy? Much love xx

  4. 5. June 2017 / 12:00

    I just got an upgrade to Samsung S8+ and totally know what you mean about being in love with your phone and the awesome pics it takes lol! Your IG gallery is gorgeous!

    • 5. June 2017 / 12:24

      It is amazing, isn’t it? I’m obsessed <3 Thank you so much, Katie xxx

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