How to prepare Nana ice-cream (my favorite vegan dessert)

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Hello lovely people, today I have a recipe for you for something that doesn’t need a recipe. Nana ice-cream.

It’s the final episode of

No animals on my plate, please 
vol. 3
Recipe: nana ice-cream

For the ice-cream you need:

  • Bananas (I use 3-4 large bananas for one bowl)
  • frozen berries

And for the topping:

  • whatever you love! berries, more banana, nuts, seeds, cookies .. the sky is the limit.



Cut the bananas into small slices and put them in the freezer, for at least a few hours best overnight.

When the bananas are frozen put them into your blender and blend into a creamy texture. Then add the frozen berries. My favorites are strawberries. When everything is nicely mixed put the nana ice-cream in a bowl and sprinkle with as much topping as you love.

VOILA ! here you have it.






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