Tips for the home sweet home housewarming party

Moving house and decorating is exciting but the most exciting part of it is, to present the new home to your friends and family. And what better way to break in the new center of your life than throwing a housewarming party.

As I’m currently planning ours, I thought of sharing my favorite ideas for a wow house party.



Make sure your new home already is kinda put together

You don’t want to greet your guest in between moving boxes and have no place for them to sit on. So make sure you already have most of your furniture build, so that you can entertain them properly.You don’t need to have every corner fully decorated but it should already feel homely.

Housewarming party



Decide what you want to serve your guests

Do you want simple finger food and snacks or do you wanna go all out and host a dinner party? This is something you should decide on first and does not forget to inform your guests -otherwise they maybe eat a big meal before coming, or nothing at all and swallow all your appetizers. haha

Housewarming party


Stock up the bar

No matter if it’s a dinner or simple get-together, it still is a party. So don’t be stingy with the booze.
Some bottle of wine, beer, maybe prepare for some classic cocktails and don’t forget about the ones who don’t drink alcohol!

Housewarming party


Housewarming gifts

When you attempt a housewarming party -you better bring a gift. Consider something the hostess/or host can use on a daily basis (something for their new home.
My tip for the hostess, when you get asked if you want something ‘special’: Give your guests an idea of the vibe you want to go with the new home. The color scheme, favorite brands/stores you like to shop in for homeware or the type of present you like to receive (such as candles, a house plant etc). Because nobody want’s to give or receive an unloved present.

Housewarming party

Gifts I’d love to receive for my new home:

    • plants (the ones which aren’t overly green – more blue-grayish. Like Olive, Succulents, Aloe vera, Indian Fig cactus or Ivy.
    • Chic coffee table or cook books (Paola NavoneEat, Drink, Nap: Bringing the House Home,The Art of French Baking …)
    • Vintage or special bits and bobs. I like to shop TK Maxx or Thrived stores for extravagant glassware, vases or little side tables. They don’t cost much at these places and you can find real treasures.
    • Something self-made. Such as art. You don’t need to be a Picacreateo create something outstanding. Just ask for the color palette the hosts want to stick to and start creating.

The color palette for our new home is mostly neutrals (soft beige, lots of whites and light gray) as well as a few touches of washed-out blue and gold. And in terms of patterns – I love stripes. Per usual. And herringbone. We also cooperate lot’s of white marble (because who doesn’t love marble)

Hostess gift ideas



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