A new organic skin care range by HEJ organic*

– post in collaboration with HEJ organic

A new organic skincare range by HEJ organic



A few weeks ago a little parcel of HEJ organic skin care came along my way.  Lucky me got the pleasure to test some of their products so I can give you an idea what the brand is about and how the products are. And as the skincare addict, I am I couldn’t resist. So pour yourself some tea and get cozy because this is going to be a slightly long post. I hope you enjoy it  x

A new organic skincare range by HEJ organic



About HEJ organic

Founded only one year ago,  2016 in Germany HEJ organic really is the new kid on the blog. With exclusive natural, local ingredients  HEJ organic’s products are vegan and cruelty-free. What is awesome. Because nobody likes to put harsh chemicals on its skin or want’s its products to be tested on sweet little creatures. It’s a love brand.
Learn more about their mission here

What the brand stands for: A sleek design, high-quality ingredients, and sustainable skin care. More heart in cosmetics 


The products I tried A new organic skincare range by HEJ organic

I got really lucky and had the chance to try their starter set which contains a Nourishing Face Tonic, Cherishing Body Fluid, Revitalizing Face Fluid, a Lip Balm and the Unique Face & Décolleté Ghassoul Mask. Plus a sweet little pouch it all came in.

‘they all unite to revitalize and refresh your skin, making it bright and elastic. Relish the beautiful effects of prickly pear, argan oil, olive oil, extracts of cactus parsley and grapefruit – all from controlled organic cultivation, but you knew that.’

And how I liked them

First of all, I have to say, one of the products is a new favorite of mine! Haha. And it is the lip balm. Yes, it may sound simple but this lip balm is AMAZING. It leaves my lips all smooth and soft for hours and hours – and that is exactly what a great lip balm should do. So if you going to try one product from their range, try the lip balm!

But the other products are great as well. I mean the design is really sleek and super practical (even in the test size) and all of them smell incredible. The cactus fragrance is soft and not too invasive. Especially the face and body fluid feel lovely on the skin. The tonic really is refreshing and the perfect thing for the morning, in my opinion. And the mask is a little special. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice mask! But I’m more a sheet mask kinda girl. I like my masks to be tidy & neat and simple to use. Haha. this one you have to mix together in a little bowl, then apply with a brush and later wash off with a soft muslin cloth. Which is a little too much effort on a daily basis for a mask for me. But nonetheless, it’s a  good mask which left my skin all clean and soft.

All in all, I really enjoyed using the HEJ organic products and would absolutely rebuy them!


A new organic skincare range by HEJ organic

Image by K.M.P.hotograpie



This post is in collaboration with HEJ organic, as always all thoughts are my own! You can shop the products directly on their website or on Douglas.de

Some of the images are taken by K.M.P.photographie Thank’s for helping me out, sweetie x






* I got the products gifted. Thank you to HEJ organic for your trust and lovely collaboration. #ad

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