A guide to lists

A guide on lists | How to stay on top of (almost) everythingI’m obsessed with lists. Especially to-do lists. Ticking things off is one of my favorite things to do (related to work and organization). In today’s post, I share with you, my favorite kinds of schedule as well as how I organize (with and without paper).


PaperlessA guide on lists | How to stay on top of (almost) everything

For all my Paperless planning I use an App called WUNDERLIST. It’s a free App which you can find in your Appstore. I’ve installed Wunderlist not just on my Phone but also on my Laptop, so I have always easy access to all my lists. But in Wunderlist you not just can create lists, you also can mark things as Important, choose a date to remember, take notes, add subtasks and more. I mainly use the App for my Blog post topics, to take notes for my day job or for private stuff like shopping lists. (You can also share lists with other users, which is really handy for grocery shopping etc.) And when you finished a task, you can just tick it off of your list. Voila.


A guide on lists | How to stay on top of (almost) everything







Pen & Paper

No, not the game. Haha. By that I mean, taking notes with an actual pen on paper. The best thing! (In my opinion) For planning like this, I love to use notepads more than notebooks.

  • weekly list: On Sundays, I like to schedule my week. I’ll write everything down that has to be done in the next week. For enumeration, I use ❤’s. If the heart is colored the point is more important or has to be done at a particular time. So I can easily overview what my week will be and what I need to do next.
  • Sometimes, when it’s a really busy day, I have daily to-do lists: The pattern is the same, but with just tasks for one day.
  • Blog Post: Every blog post has its own list. On top is the date the post will be published, as well as the title (plus collaboration partner). Beneath are the topics and sub-categories and at the end general planning, such as pictures, editing, proofread …
A guide on lists | How to stay on top of (almost) everything

Nope, my calendar doesn’t stay that free for long. It’s just because I shot the images in advance.

My calendar/lists

My beloved calendar has some extra space for notes and to-do.
Right at the beginning are a few pages for notes, which I use for greater planning and notes which do not change. Such as work times from my day job, IEB newsletter and more.
Next up is a monthly overview, with space for notes and a to-do pad. Here I write down all the blog posts for the month, as well as things that need to be done in this month but on no particular date. Furthermore, I mark birthdays and present ideas.
Finally, my agenda has a little to-do and note section for each week. Where I inscribe everything that must be done and is important for that week (like Emails, calls, birthday presents or all around IEB).


Favorite tools

For my planner, as well as for the lists, I write on notepads (with a black ink pen). Aside from that, I’m a lover of posted notes. They are the best thing ever! Haha. I use small, slim ones to mark pages in my calendar or notepad (Yes, I sometimes have six pages of my notepad in use and switch for- and backward). Then I use regular and tall sticky notes for blog ideas, thoughts, and tasks all over my agenda. Sometimes, when it’s necessary, I just use a highlighter. When the all black hearts won’t work any longer and time is tight.

A guide on lists | How to stay on top of (almost) everything

A guide on lists | How to stay on top of (almost) everything

A guide on lists | How to stay on top of (almost) everything


How do you like to prepare and plan for the week or work?
Let me know in the comments below.

Definitely, give WUNDERLIST a try

My calendar is from Nunuco Design. The agendas are all sold out but they also have lovely stationary and super phone cases. Here

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Much love, Ilka x


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  1. 13. February 2017 / 00:52

    I love Wunderlist. I use it to remind me of my social media tasks I love that they regenerate after you click them off.

    • 13. February 2017 / 06:41

      I love it too, Patty. It’s such a clever app. <3

      Much love, Ilka. x

  2. 12. February 2017 / 22:04

    Starting my list today!

    • 13. February 2017 / 06:40

      Yay. Let me know how it’s going and home you manage your list 🙂
      Much love, Ilka. x

  3. 12. February 2017 / 19:42

    I am definitely going to try the Wonderlust app. I have so many different lists and calendars and need everything in one place. Thank you for sharing.

    • 13. February 2017 / 06:40

      Thank you, Lauri. I’m glad you like the post.
      Wunderlist is one of my favourite Apps, definitely give it a try!
      Much love, Ilka x

  4. 12. February 2017 / 16:05

    I’ve used Wunderlist for a looooooong time (since I’ve had iPhone, so since like 2011 haha) and I love it! I’ve tried other apps but I keep going back to it. As far as your other tips, I’ll keep all of them in mind because I’m always looking for better ways to organize! I especially like the idea of using lists for my blog posts. Thanks for the information!

    Alicia Nicole xo

    • 12. February 2017 / 16:23

      I’m glad you find the post helpful.
      Haha, I also use Wunderlist for ages. It’s simple the best I ever used. <3

      Much love, Ilka x

  5. 12. February 2017 / 13:57

    I will be looking into using this app for my tasks!

    • 12. February 2017 / 14:03

      Oh, it’s an amazing app, Michelle. So easy to navigate and synchronised with your laptop (if you download the app there as well)
      Much love, Ilka x

  6. 22. January 2017 / 21:55

    This post is wonderful! I love how you check-off your lists by filling in hearts.So cute!

    • 22. January 2017 / 22:06

      Thank you, Jordan. I’m glad you like it <3

      Much love, Ilka x

  7. 22. January 2017 / 16:13

    Great article i love lists too..please follow my blog it needs some love

    • 22. January 2017 / 18:12

      Thank you, Melanie. I’ll check yours out x

  8. 13. January 2017 / 17:21

    I’m also so desperately obsessed with lists and to do’s 😀 thanks for this post!

    • 13. January 2017 / 18:02

      Without lists, I would forget everything! 😀 x

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